Train to Train/Learn to Compete

Train to Train/Learn to Compete Program

Our Train to Train/Learn to Compete program covers Stages 4 and 5 of the LTPAD program and focuses on the development of skaters who have:

  • mastered the basics and are improving both technique and speed, and
  • our older and more accomplished skaters who are representing our club and competing at the provincial level and national levels.


This program includes both ice time and dry land instruction, with the focus on building strength and endurance to compete and skate at a higher ability level. 

Learn to Compete Program

In addition, a subset of the Train to Train program form the Learn to Compete level, covering Stage 6 of the LTPAD. These skaters are the highest level of ability and competition in our club, and train at both the provincial and national levels as well as the NEXTGEN (Skating Excellence Training) Program.

Skaters participate in the Train to Train and Learn to Compete program with coaches’ approval.