Skaters are placed into one of the practice programs described on the Programs page by our coaches, based on a combination of age, skating ability and skater safety considerations. Each practice session starts on time, so skaters need to arrive at the arena in sufficient time to get all equipment on and be ready to go on the ice for their appointed time slot. Please ensure that all required equipment is on before going onto the ice.

 Skaters are encouraged to take water bottles onto the ice with them to stay hydrated during practice. Note that metal bottles will need to be placed into the boxes provided as they do damage the ice. 

Parents are required to remain close at hand at the arena while any children under the age of 16 are on the ice.


If you have rented club skates for the season, please remember to take good care of them. Blades must be wiped down after each practice and covered with soft guards or towels until completely dry. Please do not put the hard guards back on the skates to go home from practice or the blades will start to rust. Club skates will need to be sharpened periodically throughout the season, a general rule of thumb is approximately every six skates. Please note that our club skates require special sharpening equipment. Unless you are familiar with and have purchased this equipment, you will need to arrange a time with our equipment manager to leave the skates with him between practices for sharpening.


Assistance is requested from parents with getting mats out each practice. We need help approximately 45 minutes prior to the start of the first hour of practice with getting the mats out of the storage room ready to go out on to the ice and then again at the start of the first hour of practice to help get the mats out onto the ice.