Fundraising / Bingo

Our membership fees alone do not cover all of our club expenses, the most significant being ice time and equipment. Fundraising is an important part of keeping our club sustainable and thriving!


Our primary fundraiser is Bingo. We provide club volunteers for bi-weekly Bingos run by the KW Sertoma Club. Bingos are held at the KW Gaming Centre, located at 501 Krug Street in Kitchener, from 6-9 pm on Saturdays. 2 club members are required per Bingo session to sell cards, report winning cards and clear tables and need to arrive around 5 pm. In exchange, the KW Sertoma Club provides our club with funds that cover a large portion of our ice costs each year.     

Volunteering for Bingo is a condition of club membership. All members over the age of 18, or parents in the case of children, have agreed to volunteering at Bingo once per family per season as part of our annual club registration.

Below is a Bingo calendar that shows the dates for bingo and nights/spots available. This schedule will be updated throughout the season. Please contact our Bingo Coordinator, Doug Gibbons, at to sign up if you have not already done so.

Clicking on the Bingo link in the calendar will show you:

  • if the date is full or has space available,
  • who is scheduled for that date to participate (first name and last initial only), and
  • a link to Google maps for directions to the KW Gaming Centre.

If you find yourself needing to change your Bingo shift, please advise Doug a few weeks in advance so that there is sufficient time to find a replacement for your assigned night. You can also have someone take you place or arrange to switch a shift with another member but please remember to let Doug know.