The Ontario Speed Skating Association (OSSA) holds a number of short track speed skating competitions, also known as ‘meets’, throughout the season. Detailed information about the competitive racing structure in Ontario can be found here on the racing page of the OSSA website. Unless a skater has been invited to participate in the Provincial racing series, it would be the Regional racing series they could consider participating in.

Participation in meets is entirely optional. Our club consists of both recreational and competitive skaters. Parents can have discussions with both their skater and the coaches to see whether or not this is something they may want to consider.

Details on meet registrations can be found on the Competitions page under the Registration menu.

A valuable document for you to download and keep is our guide for what to expect at a meet. Please use this resource for all the key things you need to know before, during and after racing.

Club skin suits will need to be worn for meets and can be rented per competition. For more information, please see our Equipment Manager and read about skin suits on our Equipment page under the ‘Clothing’ tab.

All equipment needs to meet OSSA standards and additional equipment may be required from what your child uses for weekly practices. Please ensure that you check with the coaches or our equipment manager before registering for a meet so that they can advise you of all the requirements.