Clothing which enables free movement is all that is required to get started. Track pants and a comfortable, long-sleeve top (or tops in layers to be shed if too warm) are good when first beginning indoor skating. Many recreational skaters find that a comfortable and functional outfit is a relatively snug fitting top combined with a pair of long, spandex tights. Avoid overly large or bulky clothing.

Skaters who progress to competition level will usually dress in a comfortable and functional top and tights for skating or in the traditional “Skin Suit” which affords the minimum wind resistance and maximum mobility. 

Skin suits can be purchased through a club order. If you purchase a club suit, be sure to read our tip sheet on how to look after your club skin suit to ensure you get the maximum number of years out of your investment.

Additionally, skin suits can be rented for a fee from the club for competitions. Read our tip sheet on how to look after club rental suits and speak to our Equipment Manager if you wish to pursue this option.